What We Do

Accessible Apologetics

          When it comes to sharing one’s faith, apologetics is one of the most important tools that a Christian can have at their disposal. In this day and age, being able to share evidence for Christanity can make the difference when it comes to helping someone understand what it means to be saved. There is a problem though, apologetics is often restricted to academic circles and institutions. What we do at True Faith Canada is make apologetics more accessible to everyone.

          Through thorough research, our Church Apologetics Program (CAP) and True Faith Talks as well as other outreach programs, we bring apologetics out of the classroom and into the community.


The Church Apologetics Program (CAP)

          The Church Apologetics Program, or “CAP” is a full-fledged apologetics seminar which we tailor fit to your church, or organization. We work closely with pastors, organization leaders and group leaders to customize a program, which will best suit the needs of your community.

          During the seminar, we try to answer questions such as: Why does apologetics matter? Can we establish objective truth? Does God exist? and Is the New Testament historically reliable? We also make a point of involving lots of group discussions as we find that when people engage in the conversation, they walk away with a greater understanding of the material.

          Our goal is to create a meaningful and fruitful experience, which will help each person feel more prepared to defend their faith.


True Faith Talks

          True Faith Talks are topical presentations, given in more relaxed settings, for example: cafes, small lounges, and meeting rooms. We focus on one apologetics related subjects and following a short presentation, we open up the floor to questions and group discussion.

          The purpose of this kind of presentation is to engage people in a more casual and informal fashion. This often helps people feel more comfortable, which in turn fosters more open and engaging conversation.