About Us

True Faith Canada began with the goal of sparking the conversation about evidences for Christianity. We research and gather the best and most up-to-date evidence for Christianity and through discussions and presentations or “True Faith Talks”, we aim to help fellow Christians fill the gap between blind faith and evidence-based faith.

After attending many churches and engaging many Christians across Canada, its founders, Phillip Brown and Steffi Ching, began to notice a great need within the Christian community for this kind of movement. They decided to start a ministry focusing on giving Christians the tools to defend the faith. And so, in October 2015, True Faith Canada was conceived.

Who We Are

Phillip Brown is an interesting person, to say the least. As a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and former Canadian Forces instructor, he brings great skills and life experience to bare in all that he does. He is a talented musician, recording artist and producer with an ear tuned to acoustic music. Phillip is a passionate Christian with a strong desire to use facts and evidence to engage people, on an intellectual level, about the gospel. In his spare time, Phillip enjoys hiking, camping and studying history and philosophy. Phillip has been independently studying biblical and Christian history for over 15 years, focusing specifically on the historical reliability of The New Testament and early Judeo-Christian culture. He graduated summa cum laude with an Honours degree in Classical history and philosophy from York University in Toronto. Phillip is currently pursuing an interdisciplinary masters in humanities studying the interaction between apocalyptic Christian groups and the surrounding secular culture.

Steffi Ching, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer
Steffi Ching, Vice-President and COO

Steffi Ching is a passionate and dynamic person. As an accredited music therapist and Royal Conservatory of Music Certified instructor, she is skilled in the art and science of engaging people and helping them achieve their potential. She is a talented entrepreneur who has a lot of experience from running her own businesses. Although a long time believer, she became a sincere and devout Christian about seven years ago. And ever since has had a longing to help people come to know Christ. In her spare time, Steffi enjoys traveling and spending time with loved ones. Steffi holds a Honours Bachelor of Music Therapy degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.